Hank Williams Impersonator


It's Jump'n Jack Flash as"Bocephus" himself... Hank Williams, Jr.


Jump'n Jack Flash began impersonating Hank in 1996.  Since that time, he has participated in countless "Impersonator Shows," and has been the opening act for rodeos all over Southern California with his rendition of Hank's "All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over Tonight."

If your event is Country, or you just want things to start off "pumped up", get the crowd into the event... then YOU WANT HANK!

Jump'n Jack Flash has gone to great lengths to provide customers with outfits replicated to the same ones that Bocephus wears.  From his black and white, zig-zag hat, to the red, white and blue cowboy boots, Jump'n Jack Flash definitely carries on the "Family Tradition."

Jump'n Jack Flash as Hank can be booked in two ways: as Hank by himself,  or THE REAL DEAL... Hank with "the band".

  • Booking Jump'n Jack Flash as Hank by himself, Hank will perform to pre-recorded music, singing songs such as "Born to Boogie", "Family Tradition", and of course, "All My Rowdy Friends", then mixing with your guests for photos.
  • THE REAL DEAL consists of a "concert style venue", as the band opens to do one half hour to forty-five minutes of music, a break, and then Hank comes on stage to sing for one half hour to forty-five minutes.
  • The Ultimate Tailgate Party! Consists of the opening band, Hank on stage, and the band closing the show for a total of three to four hours of pure entertainment!
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For Booking Information call: (619) 857-7272

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